Welcome to the First Baptist Church of Moorestown!

Welcome to First Baptist Church of Moorestown- a dynamic, joyful, inclusive community of faith where you are welcome, just as you are! We invite you to join us for joyous and affirming worship celebrations Sunday mornings at 10 AM.  Our worship service format may feel familiar to you; yet you will be engaged by our creative use of the arts, challenging and thoughtful sermons, and a variety of music.  Our hope is to be full participants in the worship of God rather than to simply "watch" church.  


We are a community of learners.  We seek to connect with, meditate on, even wrestle with the scriptures and deep questions of our faith.  We offer a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to journey at your own pace; from adult Bible studies to  youth groups, to sermon talk-back sessions to contemplative prayer group. Take some time to look through the pages of this website to see just some of what we offer.


During the week, we aim to live out our faith as we serve the community.  We are committed to reaching out beyond our walls; to be a voice of hope in a world where people have often given up.  To lend healing where there is hurt. To speak for justice where there is oppression. To bring truth where it has been denied.  And to spread the good news of God's unconditional and accepting love to whomever will receive it.


If I can help you with questions about our church or in your faith journey, please feel free to contact me.  Welcome to First Baptist Church of Moorestown! You've found your place...


Rev. Linda Pepe

We are proud to be fully ADA compliant


Sign Language Service for the Hearing Impaired

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